• Tons of Vocabulary Games – Join some of your favorite cartoon characters like Barney, Skit and Caillou, to learn and practice vocabulary through a series of fun games!
  • Vocabulary Fun Worksheet (PDF) – Match each word to the correct definition and then check it against the answer sheet to see if you got them all correct.
  • Word Detectives – Download a series of worksheets to help Wally the Word Detective solve all the vocabulary mysteries.
  • Math Baseball: Funbrain lets you take a swing at math problems. If you get them right, you get hits. If not, then you’re out!
  • Subtraction Bowling: Solve the problem, throw the bowling ball until all pins are down.
  • Fractions: Do you know how to add and subtract, multiply and divide fractions? What is a fraction? What fractions equal each other?
  • ABC Mouse.com – Early Learning Academy is a subscription-based digital education program for children ages 2–8, created by Age of Learning, Inc.
  • History of the Olympics – Discover the first athletic games in Ancient Greece at the first Olympics.
  • Man vs. Myth – What made Christopher Columbus famous throughout the world?

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