To provide lifelong learning experiences in an environment that will cultivate a generation of leaders and critical thinkers, equipped and eager to embrace life challenges.


To create a nurturing and engaging environment that will foster healthy relationships with all stake holders to provide holistic learning experiences where children are active participants in the learning process. The curriculum would be child centered and cater to the individual needs of each child.


DIPPS objective is to offer a unique course of learning for our students. With the fast pace at which every thing and everyone is moving, technology is imperative in the learning environment. Children are coming to the classroom with a well of technological skills, as such with our innovative website student and their families would be introduced to e-learning, through which access to a library of resources as an extension of the classroom is available. On this domain no one is left behind. Parents have the luxury of following up on the child from the comfort of home at their convenience. Via our website registration can be done online.

Growth Starts Now

Come lets mold the future generation.